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6.7 Cummins  VGT Actuator  Code 2636

Before we talk about Actuator Code 2636, we have to know VGT Actuaor Driver Circuit:

The VGT (variable geometry turbocharger) is electronically controlled by the VGT actuator.

VGT actuator is a smart device that receives information from the main engine electronic control module (ECM) through the J1939 data link. VGT actuator executes its own diagnosis and reports the fault report back to the main engine ECM, and uses the J1939 data link.


The failures of Code 2636 may be caused by:


1.The VGT actuator is not receiving power from the ECM. This may be caused by

2.Open circuit in power line or low voltage from main engine ECM

3. Open circuit on VGT actuator circuit

4. Intermittent Communication Between VGT Actuator and Main Engine ECM on J1939 Data Link

5. J1939 data link circuit open or short between ECM and VGT actuator

6. Fast cycling of key switches

7.The connector pins are not installed in the proper locations specified in the wiring diagram.

8.Damaged terminating resistor in engine data link harness

9. Damaged engine ECM.

6.7 Cummins VGT Actuator Code 2636(图1)6.7 Cummins VGT Actuator Code 2636(图2)

VGT actuator code 2636 indicates that the actuator is inoperable because message interrupts via J1939 are how the engine ECU communicates with the actuator. We use Cummins Quickserve website and inspected the wiring harness. The troubleshooting tree leads us to a faulty actuator.

VGT Actuator Driver Circuit - Abnormal Update Rate

Thouble shooting Steps:

1. Chek for pirmary falut codes

2. Low battery volatage

2.1 Battery Load Test

2.2 Fuse/ distribution panel check

2.3 Ground Inspection

3. Fault Code 2036 triggered by a malfunction in the J1939 data link with multiple OEM fault code

3.1  Variable geometry turbocharger actuator has incorrect J1939 terminating resistance

4. Variable geometry turbocharger actuator voltage check

4.1 Wiring harness load test

4.2 VGT Turbocharger actuator open circuit check

4.3 Engine wiring harness voltage check

5. J1939 data link engine wiring harness voltage check 3 pin service connector

5.1 OEM Sensor voltage check

5.2 J1939 data link harness pin to ground short circuit

6. J1939 data link terminating resistance is incorrect

6.1 Engine wiring harness has incorrect J1939 terminating resistance

6.2 OEM wiring harness has incorrect J1939 terminating resistance

7. OEM termninating resistor ohms check for the J1939 data link

8. Incorrect terminating resistance in the J1939 data link by a J1939 data linked component

8.1 J1939 wire resistance check at the crossover connector for each component

9. ECM calibration revision history check

10.  VGT turbocharger actuator is not communicating.

Possible actions:

1.Dirty or damaged pins?

Clean the connector and pins. Repair the damaged harness, connector, or pins, if possible.

2. An open circuit in the VGT actuator power SUPPLY or RETURN circuit has been detected in the engine harness.

Repair or replace the engine harness.

3. Less than 10 ohms?

Repair or replace the engine harness.

4. Fault Code 2636 active?

A. Replace the VGT actuator. B. The removal and installation of the connector corrected the fault.

5. Progressive damage to the aftertreatment system found during the Snap Acceleration Test?

Replace the damaged aftertreatment component.

6. Dirty or damaged ECM and engine harness connector pins?

Repair the damaged pins. Repair or replacethe engine harness, OEM harness, or replace the ECM,

whichever has thedamaged pins.

Flush the dirt, debris or moisture from the connector pins.

Install the appropriate connector seal if it is damaged or missing

Repair the engine harness.

7. If necessary, calibrate the ECM

8. Replace the J1939 termination resistor

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6.7 Cummins VGT Actuator Code 2636(图3)6.7 Cummins VGT Actuator Code 2636(图4)6.7 Cummins VGT Actuator Code 2636(图5)6.7 Cummins VGT Actuator Code 2636(图6)

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